About Me

Peace to you and welcome to my blog.

So…I have always been fascinated by the Japanese culture, particularly how the samurai warriors are depicted. Their discipline, strength, code of conduct and unique style has always kept me intrigued, which was why I coined myself the nick name ‘samurai hijabi’. Samurai hijabi is a holistic concept for style and character building that I’ve tried to embody for over 4 years and considered sharing when the time felt right. I finally summoned up some courage with the help of my dear friends to start this blog around mid-2016. That being said, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Ganiyat, a young professional Muslim woman with a passion for living well and giving back.

I am a project manager by day and a fashionista/style enthusiast always. I have a diverse range of interests that you could consider contradictory…fashion vs activism, ice cream cake vs spinach salad…but I love and proudly embrace them all.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to interacting with you via comments.

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