Safari Boujee

It is absolutely possible to project fierceness with things you’d consider to be airy. And by airy, I mean light colors and lightweight jackets. Lately, I’ve been eyeing some of my favorite light hue neutrals but I was struggling with how to put them together. The first idea that popped in my head was going monochrome (as a monochrome groupie 🙂 ).

Monochrome using lighter neutrals is next level sophistication, ladies. But then I didn’t have an all tan or all khaki or all beige outfit. And buying outfits that comprise of separates in these colors can be expensive for boss babes like me on a budget. After repressing my desire to shop for potential neutrals to compliment the separates in my closet, I stared and stared.

Finally, it hit me (like a major style flashback), all these colors are go to choices for composing safari outfits. I initially had my doubts about combining a polished blouse with somewhat laidback looking pants. Fortunately, the separates paired together nicely and throwing in a striking trench coat to the mix helped push the ensemble to the next level.

Scroll down to see more lovely photos and shop for similar boujee safari outfit options (by clicking the tab or small images below).

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