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How to Make a Splash in Statement Sleeves

Hey there…welcome back for more work outfit inspiration. The pink texts below are links to shop for the outfit (or something similar) in this post. And if you’re a treasure-seeking boss lady, read on to get the scoop on today’s fun outfit story. Go on and CLICK the link(s) below to shop for my weekly stylish modest work wear. Be sure to check out the lovely photos. Swipe down 🙂 !!!

Blouse – Zara (Shop similar)          Pants – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Kate Spade (Shop similar)




Is it just me or is January bringing out the understated part of us? For some weird reason, I’ve been trying to stay under the radar in all aspects of my life since the beginning of this year. The winter weather is killing my vibrant mode and my outfit choices are clear proof. With the cold temperatures still looming, our top priority is to style for warmth. In addition to dressing in chunky sweaters and the usual winter suspects, I threw on neutrals to work most of January. If you know me, the consistent rocking of neutrals is a major cry for help. It is a signal that I’m in a serious funk. After realizing that I’m losing some inner Va Va Voom, I decided to snap out of it by adding some excitement to my recent outfit choice. This week, I strutted to work in an eye-catching bright blouse with somewhat dramatic sleeves.

















Outfit: Blouse – Zara (Shop similar)          Pants – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Kate Spade (Shop similar)


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