Bringing the Streets to the Office: Sneakers Meet Suits

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Suit – Massimo Dutti (Shop similar blazer & pants)          Sweatshirt – HM (Shop similar)          Sneakers – Chloe          Turban – Grace Eleyae




Looking back at 2018, there were things that I loved and really disliked. Fortunately, there wasn’t a long list of things I didn’t fancy. The political climate in the US was simply appalling. I wasn’t a fan of the almost naked selfie trend. And I’m still not sold on the notion of rocking beaded bags…they look childish. Moving on to the positives…my 2018 was filled with so much to delight over. I got married in 2018. Diverse people made history in the US 2018 midterm elections. Ethiopia and Eritrea made peace after years of conflict. Lastly, the streets unleashed the spirit of comfort everywhere with the help of athletic vibes and I got hooked 🙂 !

2018 was the year of keeping things chic while comfortable. Street style aficionados embraced familiar pieces like biker shorts, sneakers and tracksuit like (side striped) trousers. I noticed so many fun ways street style trends looked appealing in high fashion circles. And my favorite street style trend was pairing suits with athletic shoes. From fashion shows to stylish events, a lot of women wore statement suits with sneakers and it was surprisingly a head-turning duo with the added benefit of walking comfortably all day. I also jumped on this cool trend in 2018. This week, I was in the mood to repeat the look and I rocked it to the office 🙂

















Outfit: Suit – Massimo Dutti (Shop similar blazer & pants)          Sweatshirt – HM (Shop similar)          Sneakers – Chloe          Turban – Grace Eleyae




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