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How to Glitter in Boring Winter Pieces

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Dress – Zara (Shop similar)          Blazer – Zara (Shop similar)          Pumps – Zara (Shop similar)          Bag – Kate Spade (Shop similar)




When I consider winter and all that this chilling weather brings, I think of GLOOM. Most winter days seem murky and quiet. The appearance and sensation of winter days are not very thrilling. The cold temperatures alone can kill any hint of excitement in the air. In short, most things winter to me translate to boring!!! And the plain vibes we get from the weather also extends to winter colors or patterns, like plaids, grays and beige. Fortunately for the winter weather, we have fashionistas that add a dash of vigor to the air with style. An easy way to light up your winter mode is to play with bright colors. But then brights don’t hold exclusive rights to creating lit looks in the cold weather. The reality is coming up with polished looks are dependent on our ability to combine any color or silhouette. In essence, you can still count on plain old plaids, grays and browns to build sophisticated outfits. An easy way to spice up the plain winter usuals is to pair winter and classic patterns. This week, I put a cosmopolitan winter outfit together with a long brown dress, plaid blazer and leopard print pumps.

Let me know how you love dabbling with plaids in the comment section.

















Outfit: Dress – Zara (Shop similar)          Blazer – Zara (Shop similar)          Pumps – Zara (Shop similar)          Bag – Kate Spade (Shop similar)

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