How to Style Simply Smart in Grey for Winter

Sometimes going grey is the best way!

Hey there…I’m glad you are back for more work outfit inspiration. The pink texts below are links to shop for the outfit (or something similar) in this post. Go on and CLICK the link(s) below to shop for stylish modest work wear. And if you’re a treasure-seeking boss lady, read on to get the scoop on today’s fun outfit story. Swipe down 🙂 !!!

Sweater Top – Zara (Shop similar)          Sweater Skirt – Zara (Shop similar)          Coat – Mango (Shop similar)          Booties – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Zac Zac Posen (Shop similar)




Colors are fundamental for making a statement, especially in the world of fashion. As a fashionista, you can’t help but rely on colors to style fiercely at times. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that having an understanding of color combination equals mastery of fashion. A fashion aficionado should also be savvy with proportions, patterns and silhouettes. In essence, knowing how to play with colors is a huge plus for creating stunning outfits. Colors, vibrant or subtle, can help us look exceptionally chic for any occasion. With winter in the air, it’s the season to be excited if you’re not big on making a splash. And what better way to feel subtle swish than to take up neutrals. Black and white are neutrals we love and we’re so used to. And now is the perfect time to embrace other not so popular neutrals like grey or beige.

Grey is the business, ladies! Come to think of it, it is amazing how grey looks wonderful with anything. I’m not kidding about my grey claim…and if you don’t believe me, try pairing something grey with other colors in your closet. Grey clothes are great to have options for your work wardrobe. And I can list a few style perks for greys. They nicely compliment neutral/milder colors, light up darker tones and also tone down brights. And when it’s cold outside, you can be certain you’ll find stylish grey colored knitwears. An easy way to look chic during winter is to combine grey knitwear with something structured. For instance, pairing longline grey cardigans with a military-inspired bright dress can help you look divine. And equally, combining grey separates/coordinates with structured blazer/coats screams winter sharp.

















Outfit: Sweater Top – Zara (Shop similar)          Sweater Skirt – Zara (Shop similar)          Coat – Mango (Shop similar)          Booties – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Zac Zac Posen (Shop similar)


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