The Classic Hippie Boss Look for Work

Considering how to be hippie boujee for 9 to 5 occasions? You’re going to love this post!

Hey there…I’m glad you are back for more work outfit inspiration. The pink texts below are links to shop for the outfit (or something similar) in this post. Go on and CLICK the link(s) below to shop for stylish modest work wear. And if you’re a treasure-seeking boss lady, read on to get the scoop on today’s fun outfit story. Swipe down 🙂 !!!

Blouse – Mango (Shop similar)          Skirt – Shop @ Zara (similar)          Trench Jacket – Topshop (Shop similar)          Booties – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Kate spade (Shop similar)




What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘hippie’? If casual, vintage, eclectic, colorful, dramatic and flowy comes to mind…pat yourself on the back because you’re well versed on all things hippie. And if you’re looking puzzled by now…don’t be! I’m not going to bore you with definitions today. This post is going to explore hippie style for work. Hippie/bohemian fashion appeals to me because it has a whimsical essence that echoes a nice balance of simply laid back and chicly unkept. So it seems like anything hippie can be perceived as inappropriate for the office environment, right? Wrong! Dressing to work can be an interesting endeavor and we need to ease up on restricting how much fun we style for professional events.

Storming to the office looking hippie fly is super easy to achieve and requires taking easy steps. If you’re considering taking some hippie vibes to the workplace, you need to play with three simple elements. They are color, silhouette and length. Clothes considered to be bohemian exists in a range of solid to overly colored pieces. And when it comes to the office, embrace styling with more basic or darker colors. As strange as it may seem, there are loads of similarities between professional and hippie style. They both typically consist of simple, clean and straight forms…making hippie clothes a great choice for work outfits. And lastly, we can’t ignore the fact that long jackets are an iconic part of hippie outfits. The long-line essence is also prominent in work clothes like trench jackets.

















Outfit: Blouse – Mango (Shop similar)          Skirt – Shop @ Zara (similar)          Trench Jacket – Topshop (Shop similar)          Booties – Zara (Shop similar)          Purse – Kate spade (Shop similar)

I’m a project manager by day and a fashionista/style enthusiast always. I have a diverse range of contradictory interests…fashion vs activism, ice cream cake vs spinach salad…but I love & proudly embrace them all.

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