A Fall Twist: Something Pink, Red & in Between

Color lovers…this one’s for you!

Hey there…as usual, the pink texts below are links to shop for the outfit (or something similar) in this post. Go on and CLICK the link(s) below to shop for stylish modest work wear. And if you’re a treasure-seeking boss lady, read on to get the scoop on today’s fun outfit story. Swipe down 🙂 !!!

Top – Uniqlo (Shop similar)          Skirt – Shop @ Mango          Pumps – Shop @ Zara




Growing up, ladies have generally been conditioned and categorized as pink lovers. The evidence is glaring, babes. From toys to dolls to clothing and stationaries, women have been taught to embrace the color pink as some badge of honor. Come to think of it, I don’t understand why we get caught up with assigning/restricting colors or anything to genders. There are so many colors to admire. Was there some ‘color designation institution’ that decided to assign pinks to ladies and blues to men? Luckily for most females, we beat the system that tried (and still tries) to impose all things pink on us…Yayy to FEMME REBELLION! On the other hand, pinks are quite charming and I recommend them as a lovely color to style and feel grand in.

There are many ways to chic in pink. Pink can look super elegant compared to the ‘Pepto Bismol’ rendition of pink we often get bombarded with. Contrary to popular belief, you can take simple measures to wow with grace in pink. One of the easiest ways to put a polished spin on your pink game is to play with colors. But what if you’re not a fan of pink…well, don’t loose up yet. Try peeping at ranges of pink. You might be surprised by the many shades of pink out there. I love a broad spectrum of pinks including fuschia, mauve and nude pink. And if you’re fortunate to find a pink that tickles your fancy, consider pairing it with rich colors. Pinks appear lovely with reds. Try wearing your favorite pink with burgundy for some fall fabulousness.

















Outfit: Top – Uniqlo (Shop similar)          Skirt – Shop @ Mango          Pumps – Shop @ Zara


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