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Mix Match Suits VII: Redefined & Magnificent

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Blazer – Shop @ Zara          Culottes – TopShop (Shop similar)          Shirt – Shop @ Zara




It’s been a while since I talked about suits…almost two months to be precise. Your girl got distracted with so much fall fabulous trends to share. Sorry for the break in suit transmission. I promise to continue keeping them coming monthly. Moving on, today’s post is a continuation of my fun mix match suits series. Most of we corporate worker bees wear suits due to the nature of our jobs. Looking sharp isn’t a spelled out rule but it is surely implied. And wearing suits is one of the easiest ways to attain the appropriate level of sharpness for the workplace. But suiting up can feel pretty boring when you have to wear suits to the office about 70% of the time in a year. With all the variety in women‘s clothing, most ladies fancy suits better for work.

 It’s not news that traditional suits are usually not as interesting to wear compared to their one-piece dress counterpart. Formal work dresses are somewhat popular options with boss ladies but they are far less interesting compared to ex-work dresses. Outside the office, dresses come in a wide range of fascinating designs and silhouettes. But when it comes to professional settings, looking smart trumps dressing dreamy. On a cheery note, all hope is not lost if you’re looking to enhance your suit game. Things atypical are one of my favorite avenues for seeking fashion inspiration. Looking fashion suit savvy can be as simple as pairing blazers with odd bottoms. I attempted to dress magnificently in suits this week by matching same-colored blazer and culottes pants.

















Outfit: Blazer – Shop @ Zara          Culottes – TopShop (Shop similar)          Shirt – Shop @ Zara

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