Cool Red. How to Wear Muted Red to the Office

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Red is for making a statement! What comes to mind when you think of red? I don’t know about you but I envision passion, hotness, life and vigor when the color red pops up in my head. Universally, we can all relate to the grandeur of red due to how it is used to depict important aspects of our lives. After engaging with people during fun trips to various countries in 4 continents, red is a global intruder in our culture and lifestyle. A great example of how some cultures highly regard red is the case of the Massai tribe of Kenya. All members of the Massai tribe have some form of red in their clothing and it signifies strength, protection and bravery. Even in more developed countries, we hold celebrations (like Christmas and Valentine) symbolized with red very dear. On the fashion front, styling in red is deemed appropriate for the daring fashion butterflies.

As grand as the notion of draping in reds may seem, they remain great styling options for everyday life. Many memorable classic or fashion-forward ensembles are designed in all or some red. From runways to magazines, it’s almost impossible to go through new collections without running into a statement red outfit. Even major fashion icons like Bill Blair recommends that ‘when in doubt, wear red’. The fact is that we ladies have been programmed to dress to impress (or outdress) in red. And honestly, there is no rule that restricts where and how you choose to wear red. Red can be a beast of a color to style with, especially to work. So when you wear red, be ready to receive a lot of ATTENTION. On the other hand, there are ways to subdue the attention that red exudes. A great way to achieve subtlety with red is to pair them with neutral or softer tones.

















Outfit: Dress – Zara (Shop similar @ Mango)          Pumps – Shop @ Zara


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