Plaids are Popular…and Flowier this Fall.

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Most Nigerian Americans I know are not are not fans of the cold weather and they mostly assume that folks of similar background share their disdain for low temperatures. Unfortunately for the Nigerian American tribe, I am not in solidarity with the majority when it comes to cold. I love everything about the cold weather including the single digit outdoor temperatures. With fall being the kickoff period for layering, tis the season to start scouting for the heavy duty stuff. The cold repellents, like sweaters, are slowly popping up with fall here. Wearing sweaters early in fall can be uber uncomfortable. I’m super excited for fall styling but not enough to sweat excessively. An ideal fall favorite to glam great in NOW are plaids. Not only do plaids resonate with the fall mood, but they also come with the plus of keeping us stylishly cozy when it gets colder outside…yaaasss!

Plaids or plaid-ish things are not newbies to the fashion must-wear list for the fall and spring seasons. Plaids are simple, clean and flexible styling beasts. No wonder they continue to be featured in all manners of sexiness on various runways. Looking at some of my favorite plaid pieces from 3 years ago to date, they are commonly in basic forms of suits, coats and lightweight jackets. These basics, I absolutely adore, have sleek silhouettes that are fantastic for strutting to work. And on an awesome note, the variety fairy inspired designers to push the limit on plaid options this fall 🙂 . After browsing some of my regular cyber boutiques lately, I’ve come by way more graceful looking plaid dresses and skirts than I bargained for. Luckily for skirt loving boss gals, we’ve got options. Consider going business casual in plaid skirts and tees or pretty prim in dresses.

















Outfit: Top – Uniqlo (similar)          Skirt – Zara

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