How to Make a Splash in Polka Dots

Dress – Massimo Dutti          Pumps – Massimo Dutti          Earrings – Massimo Dutti

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Have you ever envisioned looking or feeling like a breathing Crayola? If that’s not your thing, I’d implore you to go outside and stare at the rainbow for a start 🙂 . And if you’re looking to get color stunned without exploring the great outdoors, there are mediums and technologies that make it easy to satisfy this need. Life feels more glamorous when we appreciate the colorful things around us. I can testify to the power of colors as a gal that loves to dream vividly. It has had a profound way of inspiring my interests. My love of color steered me to become a stickler for fashion. In the world of fashion, there is no doubt that most things appear more vivacious when encircled with hues. Even in recurring modes, like polka dot trends, colors still manage to take our breath away.

Polka dots are truly dreamy. They make anything, both living and lifeless, look exquisite and sweet. My first impulse when I come across a polka dot inspired room or fashion accessory is to mince them into little pieces and munch them…lol. Conventional polka dots with the standard two-color combination are delectable when styling for any occasion. More recently, polka dot fashion has become super eccentric. Its fun appeal has reached a new high, thanks to dear lady variation. From multiple colors to varying circle sizes, atypical polka dot clothes have an interesting way of keeping the eyes super intrigued. And if you’re a color devotee, like me, you can satisfy your rainbow obsession by styling in multi-colored polka dot dresses or separates.

















Outfit: Dress – Massimo Dutti          Pumps – Massimo Dutti          Earrings – Massimo Dutti


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