Classic Houndstooth Blazer

Blazer – Zara          Undershirt – Uniqlo          Pants – Zara (similar)          Earrings – Zara          Pumps – Zara

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Nothing beats classics!

Classics are brilliant. Have you ever considered why anything gets the esteem of being referred to as a classic? I have…and it’s very simple. Classics have the power to sweep us off our feet. Interestingly, classic things and ideas are simple by design. Weird, right? How is it that people feel the need to prove themselves by pursuing complicated things but we naturally tend to gravitate towards basic stuff? It’s a dilemma, ladies. From music to fashion, to art, to automobile and technology, it’s the simple things we love coming back to. And I can speak to two great examples we can’t seem to get enough of, white t-shirts and PDAs. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t fancy the simplicity of a cool t-shirt and sleekness of a cell phone or tab.

Another classic style staple that boss ladies can barely do without are blazers. You can’t deny the fact that it’s hard to go wrong when styling with a well-tailored blazer. Blazers come in all sorts of beautiful assortments. What comes to mind when I think of blazers is a candy store. The availability of blazers in varieties of solid colors, patterns/prints, silhouettes and lengths makes the thought of styling with them super adventurous. One of my favorite type of blazers is the houndstooth patterned ones from the 1980 – 1990’s era. They are popular this fall and I’ve been eager to look lit in them. Houndstooth blazers have some mysteriousness to them and they succeed in transforming work outfits from ordinary to exemplary.

















Outfit: Blazer – Zara          Undershirt – Uniqlo          Pants – Zara (similar)          Earrings – Zara          Pumps – Zara


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