Pretty Sweet Color Blocking

Blazer – Zara          Shirt – Zara (similar)          Culottes – Zara (similar)          Kitten heels – Zara

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Color blocking never gets old. The color block approach to style is classic yet still seems ever refreshing. Color block outfits are intense! The vigor from pairing bold colors can seem intimidating when considering ways to color block. Color blocking is easy and doesn’t require having a complex set of skills to create magic. The rules for styling with two or more colors are very flexible. With a vast range and categories of colors available, you can use different factors (like mood, season and personal preference) as the basis for making a color block outfit. Now that it’s fall, there are going to be darker colors everywhere. They include burgundy, forest green, greys and purple. Rather than go for fall, I wanted to shake things up by wearing spring colors. I combined reds with neon and pastel pink pieces.

















Outfit: Blazer – Zara          Shirt – Zara (similar)          Culottes – Zara (similar)          Kitten heels – Zara

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