Neutral with a Dash of Pastel

\Blouse – Asos          Skirt – Asos (similar)

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When in doubt, go muted! Yes, I didn’t stutter. I said muted. And if you’ve started feeling puzzled about my prior word choice, let me clarify what I mean. The context of mute I’m referring to in this post is subtlety and not recommending that you be quiet, lol. Staying subtle is generally perceived as playing things safe. As much as I advocate for being bold and strategically aggressive in life or fashion, I’ve sometimes found value in keeping things understated. But why would I be suggesting a subtle approach to things when I have a super direct/get right to it personality? Well, it’s very simple. I’ve come to understand that doing things subtlely exudes a remarkable level of confidence and intelligence.

Looking stylish and poised can be achieved through subtlety or vigor. For the subtle approach, the classic and reliable way to adopt muted fashion vogue is to take on the neutral colors. Neutrals are the understated masterpieces of the fashion industry.  Contrary to popular belief, neutral hues are far from boring and they reveal a different styling viewpoint using little to no color. Whether you’re super adventurous, overly conservative or somewhere in between, muted colors work for anyone. Some of my favorite goto neutrals are grey, black and beige. The common ways of styling neutrals include going monochrome, complimenting them with vivid brights or mild highlighting with pastels.















Outfit: Blouse – Asos          Skirt – Asos (similar)

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