Standout in Statement Sleeves

Top – Zara          Pants – Mango          Handbag – Zac Zac Posen

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I’m an unapologetic bargain lover. The thought of saving money always puts a huge smile on my face. I don’t know who wouldn’t feel a sense of victory after spending less money than intended. Getting unexpected cash-backs enables me to save more money or buy more stuff that I sometimes don’t need…smh. Funny enough, I didn’t always express my love for bargains when I was much younger. I was raised in Nigeria, where many people take pride in flaunting their ability to spend big and buy anything luxury. Growing up in a culture that constantly promotes exorbitancy made it difficult for me to find bargains appealing. Fortunately, my mother didn’t relent on teaching me and my siblings the value of hard work and being confident in owning bargained chattels.

There’s a huge myth that suggests buying highly expensive things means owning the best quality. This claim is rather extreme and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Defining quality in fashion is not really stringent because what is considered quality morphs from time to time. Quality can mean a vast number of things that range from fabric grade, rarity, high-price, durability and unusualness. Some unusual/statement clothes or accessories are perceived to be expensive either due to the uniqueness or complexity of their designs. However, high street fashion companies design and sell readily affordable statement options for bargainista lovers like myself. This week I chose to go all out and make a statement in a reduced priced ruched sleeve top from Zara and paper bag pants.

















Outfit: Top – Zara          Pants – Mango          Handbag – Zac Zac Posen


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