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Shirt – Zara          Pants – Zara (similar)

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Old is the new fab guys! Unlike most industries, there is no rule in fashion that frowns on reviving past trends. Some fashion trends are just too astounding to be confined or lost to one spring season, a memorable year or distant decades. Basically, as a style aficionado, it is hard to see magnificent trends fade away. The thought of sending glam trends to the ‘trash can of past fashions’ can feel gloomy. Luckily, we don’t have to despair over some of our favorite styles going into oblivion. Fashion designers are notorious for reintroducing old trends to the runway. Resurrecting old modes is nothing new and it just goes to show that even design experts can’t seem to have enough of esteemed trends.

This year’s fall season has been notorious for fierce comebacks. The runways were glimmering with intense and eye-catching fashion trends from years back. Thinking of the great fashion trends that resurfaced this fall, they all exemplify bold, classic and eccentric vibes. Some of the unforgettable fashions include plaids, statement coats, fringes, neon, 80’s renaissance and scarf prints. The scarf print is one trend I’ve always admired since I was a little kid. My mother had scarf print clothing that I enjoyed playing dress up in. Prints generally have a richness but scarf prints take the cake for next level exquisiteness. They possess a classic luxurious appeal that comes through whether dressed down or up.

















Outfit: Shirt – Zara          Pants – Zara (similar)



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