Clashing Patterns with Inverted Stripes

Shirt – Zara (similar)          Pants – River island          Earrings – Kate Spade

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There is power in patterns!!! Solid colored clothes are nice to style with but they don’t compare to patterns/prints when it comes to the level of vigor patterns possess. I admire that patterns help transform clothes from something basic to ostentatious. They have a fascinating way of engaging the eyes just by observing the lines, shapes, colors and (or) textures. More interestingly, patterns are dynamic. They can be used to tell stories that mean unique things to different people. Until recently, the rule for rocking patterns was to typically prescribe them in small doses. Given their intricate and rich nature, there needs to be careful consideration when styling with lots of patterns. It is very easy for multi-print outfits to come off as a colossal mess.

Despite the conservative way of wearing patterns(with solids) being mainstream, there is an increasing desire for ladies to defy the norm by clashing/combining different patterns. Unlike a few years ago, it’s obvious that the pattern clashing fever is steadily becoming popular. The truth is styling with different patterns can feel intimidating. On the flip side, when composed right, the clashed patterns trend can look uber chic. One of the easy ways to clash patterns is to play with a mix of basics like stripes, polka dots and florals. A more subtle way for clashing patterns (for the office environment) is to do different or inverted color schemes of one basic pattern. Earlier this week, I did the inverted color scheme of clashing using striped separates.

















Outfit: Shirt – Zara (similar)          Pants – River island          Earrings – Kate Spade

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