Mix Match Suits VI

Swagging in suits…Going to work in suits never gets old. Today’s post is a continuation of my fun mix match suits series. Growing up, when the thought of wearing suits came to mind, I pictured boring looking outfits that put my fashion eyes to sleep…lol. And now, I take pleasure in dressing up stylishly to work, which drives my appetite for embracing dressy suitings. My love for wearing suits extends beyond getting dressed for work. Earlier this year, I had the idea of sharing a dapper suit look on a monthly basis as a way to inspire more professional boss gals to suit up fiercely. Honestly, I initially hesitated because I wasn’t sure how consistent I would be with this series. But here we are…on the 6th post and I look forward to providing more share-worthy options ūüôā

The process of composing fashion-forward suit outfits sometimes require deviating from the norm. Wearing suits comes with a great deal of flexibility. The typical suit combination comprises a blazer and a trouser/skirt duo. That being said, suit components, like blazers and trousers/skirts, need not be paired with each other to create a dashing suit ensemble. One of my favorite item of clothing to wear for professional occasions are jumpsuits. In addition to trousers, blazers can also be worn with jumpsuits or rompers. But in the case of modest fashionistas and the office environment, jumpsuits are definitely preferred over rompers, lol. This week, I threw on a popping suit by pairing a blazer with an ankle length jumpsuit.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blazer РZara          Jumpsuit РZara          Kitten heels РMassimo Dutti
















Outfit: Blazer РZara          Jumpsuit РZara          Kitten heels РMassimo Dutti

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