Pretty in Plaid

Oh, summer! I’m beginning to have mixed feelings about your gradual departure. What’s not to miss about summer time? Let me see…I’ve enjoyed the bright warm days and breathtaking greenery that comes with the season. Thanks to vacation days, I have been able to marvel and enjoy the benefits of lovely summer days. In addition, I got to wear loads of striking bold colors and memorable spring/summer fashion trends. On the other hand, I’m definitely not going to miss the humidity-ridden days and nights. The end of summer brings about shorter days. And I look forward to having shorter days so that I can get more beauty sleep ūüôā . Lastly, I’m nostalgic for styling in fashionably layered outfits that are impossible to wear in the summer.

This year’s spring/summer trends have been nothing short of Va Va Voom but 2018 fall fashions are similarly beyond spectacular that I couldn’t wait till fall to start trying them out. Spring/summer styles have been a breath of fresh air to observe. From feisty colors to magnificent prints and unusual silhouettes, there’s no doubt that this summer was a fashion carnival. The summer styles for 2018 were far from boring. In a similar fashion, fall trends comprise of luxurious textures, classic patterns, rich colors and a dashing appeal. And speaking of patterns, I adored how designers graced the runways with reinvented plaids, tweeds and florals. This week, I opted to wear plaid suits in a not so fall way. I wore a crisp looking plaid suit with a pastel colored shirt.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Suit РZara (similar blazer & matching pants)          Shirt РAsos (in short sleeve)          Pumps РZara
















Outfit: Suit РZara (similar blazer & matching pants)          Shirt РAsos (in short sleeve)          Pumps РZara

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