How to Look Plush in Animal Prints

Constant transitions are an inevitable yet fascinating part of life. You can’t deny that change is complex in that it adds excitement, anxiety and curiosity to our lives. I remember how delighted I felt while making plans to prepare for life in high school…then college and most recently, the 9 to 5 arena. These life changes weren’t always easy to adjust to as they were accompanied with their own flavor of challenges. My challenges ranged from being a broke bae (from time to time) to struggling to manage my time. But I’ve come to appreciate challenges by perceiving them as opportunities for growth. In essence, transitioning from one phase (or situation) of life to another is worth looking forward to despite some unwanted stress they unleash. Similarly, the weather, although somewhat mundane, is a great example of transitions that come with some discomforts and lovely perks. One of my favorite things about weather transitions is exploring new seasonal fashion trends. I can’t imagine how bland my life would be without frequent fashion shakeups…lol.

Spring/summer 2018 fashion trends were spectacular but some fall trends, like animal prints, have succeeded in captivating me and they’ve proven to be nothing short of magnifique!!! FYI…I’ll be dedicating the month of August to scouting and trying out mainly fall runway trends that work for the office. I’ll also be sharing a post on my favorite¬†fall trends later this month. Now let me get back to the mode of today. Animal prints are not new must-have fashion items that designers recommend for trend-setting. Leopard prints are frequently recycled on the runways and they are classic pieces to wear ‘off-season’. The general guideline for dressing fabulously in animal prints is to show traces and snippets with clothes or accessories. Contrary to past recent runway trends, the fall 2018 guide for styling in animal prints is to ‘DO MORE & DO IT LAVISHLY’! In simple terms, don’t hesitate to wear loads of stylish animal print pieces especially if you want to look like a million bucks. And this week, I satisfied my fancy feelings by dressing in leopard prints from shoulder to toes ūüôā

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Shirt РZara          Skirt РMango          Dress option РZara          Pumps РZara
















Outfit: Shirt РZara          Skirt РMango          Dress option РZara          Pumps РZara


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