Laidback Statement Dress

Do you have those moments when you don’t feel like moving a finger or an arm? I sure do. Being that I need a break and I’m not a robot, I feel it’s okay to feel unclenched every now and then. And these bursts of periods, that I consider as my ‘lazy episodes’, I’ve actually come to enjoy tremendously. Growing up in a family of extreme workaholics, I wasn’t always accepting of the notion of occasionally ‘taking a chill pill’…lol. My mindset for attaining success was to do work, work and more work. It took a while for me to welcome the idea of enjoying my lazy episodes. And after a few incidents of burnouts and mental blocks, I’ve learned how to become comfortable and relish not being super occupied all the time.

There’s no reason why taking time out to escape those busy business as usual days can’t be observed while looking dashing. People tend to dress up based on how they’re feeling and it’s intuitive to do so. I don’t get excited about wearing outfits that feel contrary to my mood. For instance, I tend to shop for groceries during my downtime. I’m not fond of visiting the grocery store while dressed up and I’d rather go there in sweats. But when it comes to office flow, the rule of thumb is to always keep things stylish as dressing casually is generally frowned upon at the workplace. On weekdays when I don’t feel like stepping out of bed, I grab comfortable yet conspicuous clothes like ruched dresses and get glammed up.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress – Zara          Earrings – Mango
















Outfit: Dress – Zara          Earrings – Mango

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