Eccentrically Layered

If word actualize-er was a thing or skill, I’d sure like to observe it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make up words and then bring them to life? I think it would be astonishing to have this sort of ability. On a similar note, imagine if you could think of interesting ways of combine food, paired with the ability to conjure it and make a dish appear in your presence, just like that…dream on, lol. This would probably be easy if I was into design. As a matter of fact, there are fields/industries where people actualize words or visions into something tangible and they include automobile, architecture and fashion design. Whether annually or quarterly, designers continue to fascinate and expose us to refreshing concepts. As a fashion enthusiast, I admire the creativity and unconventional thinking that some fashion designers use to create brilliantly designed garments.

Despite the fact that I’m no Coco Chanel, Donna Karan or Miuccia Prada, I still manage to find ways to actualize my fashion sense. The great thing about fashion is that there is no one way to express your fashion ideas. Being creative is not restricted to sketching and sewing but also extends to styling ready-made clothes. A lot of modest fashionistas like myself depend on novel and eccentric styling to look fabulously chic. When I’m not dressed up for work, I love to live fashionably in laid-back stuff. I love to rock t-shirts, blouses, jackets and boyfriend jeans. One of the struggles I encounter is not being able to find blouses/t-shirts that are appropriate in length. My preferred blouse length needs to be closer to my knee. I try to mix different style themes to manage my length challenge. This week, I paired a formal shorter blouse with a longer casual layered t-shirt.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blouse – Zara (similar)          Inner T-shirt – Zara (similar)          Culottes – Zara (similar)          Pumps – Ted Baker
















Outfit: Blouse – Zara (similar)          Inner T-shirt – Zara (similar)          Culottes – Zara (similar)          Pumps – Ted Baker


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