Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System: Is it Really Worth the Hype?

As career women, we all have some idea of the merit of having and honing significant job skills.  No doubt, skills and ability are crucial to climbing the career ladder in some job fields, but the understated fact remains that some intangibles (like appearance and tact) can be advantageous when trying to get an edge in highly competitive situations. From dressing fashionably to proper grooming, we can’t discount the benefit of looking nice or sharing a beautiful smile in our everyday lives. And speaking of smiles…in today’s post, I’m going to share what I know about teeth whitening, my experience trying to attain whiter teeth and a review of smile brilliant’s teeth whitening system.



Moi Dental Escapade

Until recently, teeth whitening has never really been my thing.  It’s not that I don’t consider teeth whitening to be important but I’ve always had some reservations when it comes to meddling with mouth chemicals other than toothpaste/mouthwash. I’ve always been one to prioritize maintaining healthy teeth over cosmetic dental processes, including whitening. Even the constant advertisement of real people’s teeth whitening transformation experience has not urged me to give it a try. My dental experience has typically been restricted to bi-annual teeth cleaning and annual dental x-rays. I haven’t had major dental work done. The most invasive procedure I’ve had a dentist perform on my teeth is installing braces. And I haven’t felt compelled to brighten my teeth until a few months ago.



Natural Teeth Brightening Remedies

Although teeth whitening hasn’t generally been the most appealing thing to me, I have done random research on whitening with natural options. Based on my observation, most people don’t have (or have never had) true white teeth from childhood. Nevertheless, the color of our teeth is dependent on things within and beyond our control. Certain natural factors (like aging) contribute to our teeth looking tinged and less healthy. The main guideline to remember when considering natural whitening options is that they help maintain teeth color by preventing staining. And they don’t result in extreme transformation. According to dental health experts (link), some natural measures include eating healthy, frequent brushing and flossing,  consuming citrus fruits and apple cider vinegar.



Whiter Teeth Over the Counter

Natural teeth whiteners are great and all but they are not as popular as their conventional counterparts. Conventional teeth whitening choices include laser technology, whitening strips, whitening trays and the infamous whitening toothpaste. Until a few decades ago, teeth whitening was mainly done using laser technology under the supervision of a dental hygienist/dentist. The norms of dental services have changed significantly. Cosmetic dental procedures, like whitening/bleaching, has evolved from expensive clinical services offered at the doctor’s offices to affordable consumer products that can be picked from the toothpaste aisle of convenient stores. The convenience of teeth whitening at home has significantly led to the surge in whitening strips and tray usage.



Teeth Whitening or Damage?

Conventional whitening products are super effective at making teeth whiter but it comes at a price…I guess its true that you can’t have it all in life, lol. Teeth whitening options, whether natural or conventional, is not permanent. In essence, maintaining brighter teeth requires the consistent use of whitening agents. Some dental insurance companies provide disclaimers on their site (link) about the negative consequence of using over the counter whitening products like strips. These companies indicate that excessive use of whitening strips can damage the teeth by stripping off its protective layer a.k.a the enamel. In more extreme cases, excessive whitening with strips can cause the deterioration of an individual’s dental health. Conversely, teeth whitening kit companies (like smile brilliant) suggest that whitening products only cause temporary tooth sensitivity and nothing as severe as enamel erosion.



Hello Smile Brilliant

Sometime in the spring, I was approached by smile brilliant to try out and review their teeth whitening system. Before considering whether or not to use this product, I got in touch with my dentist to get her recommendation. I later gladly agreed to collaborate with the company because the directions for using this product seemed pretty straightforward. And the smile brilliant website had answers to most of my questions and concerns with regards to potential side effects of using their whitening kit.  I received my kit containing gels, and materials for making my dental impressions shortly after consenting to use their product.




The Process

The smile brilliant system involves two main phases. The first phase involves creating the customized fitted tray. The tray was created by the company using dental impressions that I prepared. Making the impressions was quick and painless…thanks to the instructions in the kit. With my impressions done, I shipped it to the company. I received my customized tray about a month later. With the tray delivered, I went on to the second phase…whiten!!! The whitening process entails two simple steps. For the first step, I applied the whitening gel to the tray and fit it around my upper teeth for 1 hour. After whitening comes the second step, desensitizing. I applied the desensitizing gel similarly to how I used the whitening gel and let the tray sit for 15 minutes. The process was a breeze and I was able to go about my daily business while whitening.




Truth or Burst?

And now for the spill you’ve been waiting for. Despite seeing convincing photos from other users, I still had reservations about what to expect at the end of this process. After 12 days of applying the whitening gel while picking out outfits, doing house chores, working from home, watching TV and even grocery shopping, I’m happy to report that I saw whiter teeth using the smile brilliant teeth whitening kit (see before and after photos for the result). That being said, my quest for whiter teeth began with a slight bump. I experienced some sensitivity while using the whitening gel on day 1. Luckily for me, I was informed by a product specialist early on to apply coconut oil or vaseline on my gum if any sensitivity occurred while whitening. So from day 2, I lined my mouth with olive oil before exposing my teeth to the gel and it was smooth sailing from then onwards.



The Verdict

My overall teeth whitening experience with the smile brilliant system was mostly pleasant and surprisingly easy. And it is evident that the smile brilliant whitening system definitely works. What I appreciate about the process is the flexibility that comes with using this product. Although I experienced some sensitivity with the whitening gel during my first use, I was able to prevent these side effects by making a slight adjustment to the process. So if you’re looking for a simple way to whiten your teeth with manageable side effects, give smile brilliant a try.



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