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Eid ul Fitr 2018 Outfit

The end of Ramadan celebration, Eid ul Fitr,  was last week Friday. And for the individuals that are not familiar with the significance of this Islamic event, Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast for 30 days (from dawn to dusk). In addition to depriving oneself of food and water, Muslims are expected to spend more time engaged in worship and doing good deeds (like giving to the needy, helping family/friends and showing gratitude) while refraining from evil deeds (including backbiting and speaking in an abusive/derogatory manner). Ramadan is a time when Muslims dedicate a lot of time reflecting on the word of Allah (God) via reading the Quran. And like many other Muslims around the globe, I try to make the best of the holy month of Ramadan even while working and taking on everyday hustle and bustle.

Approaching the end of Ramadan unveils two sets of conflicting feelings for me. In my experience, Ramadan is a period when I feel more God-conscious. As overwhelming as the experience of not eating for long hours may seem, fasting is not as hectic as it sounds…it starts to feel like a breeze by day 4. It also gives me some insight of what people living in hunger usually face, hence making me less complacent. On the other hand, I love looking forward to the end of Ramadan as it is a time for cheer and celebration. And what’s a celebration without dressing super fly (I don’t mean to sound vain). Just like any other occasion, I also love shopping for nice Eid attires. And I often feel conflicted knowing that I can put the money for an outfit towards helping someone in dire need…great thing Islam doesn’t frown on being charitable while looking good 🙂

For this Eid, I embraced the fusion of unusual style elements. I felt that my Eid outfit had to meet the criteria of something along the lines of ballerina meets gypsie meets vintage belle. I’ve always admired the thought of wearing sleeveless cocktail dresses for important occasions. The problem with most cocktail dress options is that they are either very revealing, not long enough (for modest fashionistas) or somewhat extra form-fitting. I was able to work around the common cocktail dress ‘problems’ by thoughtfully combining du jour yet distinct pieces. I managed to bag a beautiful lacey green midi dress from Asos. Thanks to Asos’ devotion to making chic options for tall/short women, I got the midi dress from their tall collection. The dress looked full length on me and I paired it with a cream and gold turtleneck to inject a nice dose of elegance to the look.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress – Asos          Turtleneck – Uniqlo          Clutch – Zara          Bracelet – Clara Kasavina (similar)




















Outfit: Dress – Asos          Turtleneck – Uniqlo          Clutch – Zara          Bracelet – Clara Kasavina (similar)

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