How to Pop Up to Work Looking Breezy & Bright

Summer is THE season for getting refreshed, relaxed and looking effortlessly gorgeous! It’s hard to deny that everything looks much livelier in the summer. With the sun out and the days feeling warmer, people generally appear brighter and happier. I often picture my ideal day to be one where I’m sitting on the beach under the sun with blue skies while being serenaded by some cool breeze…LOL, I need a vacation ASAP ūüôā . Conversely, there are also some not so cool perks that accompany the sublime summer pleasures. Despite my love for summer, I dread having to deal with humidity and mild cases of sunburn. The unintended consequence of moving around on a sunny humid day is how quickly one gets drenched in sweat. A simple way to get around this sweaty/sticky situation is to dress in lightweight clothes.

Beautiful lightweight clothes are the ultimate solution for dressing stylishly to work especially during summer. Fortunately for fashionista boss ladies like myself, lightweight work clothes are readily accessible and easy to find. The major factor to deliberate on when dressing to work this summer is fabric. Fabric choice can make the difference between feeling comfortable and perspiring profusely. Some of the clothing options that I’d recommend for 9 to 5 gals include separates/dresses made with cotton, linen, polyester blend and viscose. Another factor to consider for dressing in the summer is low office temperature. Considering that offices get colder in the summer, it’s a convenient time to wear colorful long sleeve dresses or layer with long jackets. These options make it easy to deal with the hot-cold temp shifts.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress РHM           Shoes РKurt Geiger (similar)           Earrings РMassimo Dutti
















Outfit: Dress РHM           Shoes РKurt Geiger (similar)           Earrings РMassimo Dutti

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