Mix Match Suits IV

Today’s post is a continuation of the mix and match suit series that I promised to share once a month. I’ve been consistent with posting looks for this series since I started in February. Due to my mind being in a thousand places last month, I forgot to post a dedicated mix match look for May…sorry guys ūüôā

Styling with colors is one of the easiest ways to stand out when considering how to dress up every day. Taking risks with color is usually admired for every occasion except when it comes to the office. Growing up, I remember seeing most of my female role models in the industry dress in dark-colored suits/dresses. I felt rather bothered that ambitious and fashionable women had to limit their style options to conform to industry standards. It appeared that wearing work attires that are not dark in color were generally frowned upon or considered taboo in the work realm. And the notion of sticking to the dark color dress code is still prevalent in certain professions like law and banking. While other industries like healthcare and manufacturing are not restrictive on color options.

Wearing colorfully adorned outfits is an ideal way for people to express themselves even while at work. As a 9-5 warrior with a deep love for vivid hues, I normally get excited when I see a broad range of bright, dark and neutral colored clothes strutting across the office hallways. I’ve come to learn a lot of interesting things about my colleagues and other acquaintances based on their color preferences or composition. An individual’s color choice can provide some insight into her/his personality, mood or interests. In my own case, I like to activate my chill mood by Thursday in anticipation of the weekend. And by this time, I sometimes like to wear somewhat laid back outfits to the office. This week, I opted for mix match outfit that conveyed my cool yet artsy mood.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blazer РZara (similar)          Tshirt РZara (similar)          Pants РTopshop (similar)          Pumps РJeffrey Campbell






















Outfit: Blazer РZara (similar)          Tshirt РZara (similar)          Pants РTopshop (similar)          Pumps РJeffrey Campbell

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