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Being productive isn’t all about completing activities and meeting deadlines. And if you’re all for finishing tasks and less about networking with internal colleagues or external peers…think again. As a diligent employee, it is easy to feel that growth is solely dependent on job performance. Performance is one piece of the puzzle and it is equally as important as developing relationships with your colleagues. According to a recent Forbes article (link), taking the lone path towards career progression isn’t very efficient as individuals can easily lose out on resources and information that are vital to attaining the next level of their professions. In essence, as challenging as it may seem to put in extra time for relationship building with colleagues, it has many benefits towards one’s career growth. So when next you get invited to an optional work gala, departmental volunteer event or team building activities, show up and be ready to mingle ūüôā

Deciding on what to wear to certain work functions necessitates a lot of deliberation. Informal social outings like volunteering are easy to prepare for because they require dressing casually. But when considering outfit options for formal work events like galas or holiday parties, it is not that simple. Even when socializing with colleagues, the fact remains that some people will address you based on the way you dress. In my experience, attending a soiree organized by family/friends is a breeze compared to work parties. I feel extra pressure to scrutinize potential outfit options for professional functions. Finding the right occasion wear, in this case, can be tough for ladies, especially modest fashionistas as we don’t like to dress in something revealing or clingy. Fortunately, I found a¬†sleek¬†tuxedo dress from Zara that is perfect for any formal event. Sadly it’s already sold out and I couldn’t find a similar yet affordable alternative.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress РZara           Earrings РMango
















Outfit: Dress РZara           Earrings РMango

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