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I can’t believe it’s almost summer! The warm weather is so distracting (in a good way 🙂 ) and it is easy to ignore that spring is passing by so quickly. The subtlety in spring-summer weather transition reminds me of how inconspicuous fashion changes from spring to summer. Although spring and summer trends are quite interchangeable, there are certain fashion themes and nuances that differ between both seasons. Spring and summer are renowned for flashing bright/bold colors and prints. But certain tones are associated specifically for spring or summer. For instance, styling with pastels is usually considered appropriate for spring while earth tones are deemed suitable for summer. In addition, animal, floral and abstract prints are popular in the summer.

Animal prints are a nice-to-have piece to year round but they particularly stand out when worn stylishly in the summer. Some of my favorite sort of animal prints include leopard, cheetah and zebra patterns. Like other prints, animal prints can be styled in a variety of eye-catching ways. If you’re fearless and love prints, you can appease your adventurous side by wearing abstract/floral patterns with animal prints. More subtle yet savvy ladies can attain elegance with the union of animal prints and neutral hues. And for simple gals or color enthusiasts, you can highlight your animal instincts by combining animal prints with bright colors. This week, I opted to take on patterns and colors that are reminiscent of the safari by wearing mustard and leopard prints.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Shirt – Zara (similar)          Pants – Zara (similar)          Jacket – TopShop (similar)
















Outfit: Shirt – Zara (similar)          Pants – Zara (similar)          Jacket – TopShop (similar)


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