Midi Magic for Petite Bosses

Being short pays…don’t let fashion magazines make you feel otherwise 🙂 . I know that we petite divas are not prioritized on the offerings list of the fashion industry but this shouldn’t deter us one bit 🙂 . The fanciest assortment of women‘s clothing made by companies is based on the body type of the ‘ideal women‘. The ideal lady is tall, slim and not very curvy. The body criteria for mainstream fashion unintentionally exclude a lot of ‘real’ women. The challenge faced by petite gals like myself with clothes sold online or in-store mainly has to do with fit. Imagine being 5’2′ feet tall and having access to mainly long pants or maxi dresses that drag on the floor when you wear them. And using quick fixes like high heeled shoes barely salvages the frumpiness long clothes put on shorter gals…smh! But thankfully, there are readily accessible solutions in regular sized clothes that work for petite queens.

Despite fewer options tailored to the fashionable petite population, fashion companies provide alternatives that manage to cater to women of various heights. Clothe lengths is a significant factor to consider when trying to meet the petite fashion needs. Variation in pants, skirts and dress lengths give petite women the flexibility to purchase regular size in vogue clothes. For instance, wide leg pants come in long lengths, culottes (midi) and shorts. As a 5’3′ feet tall gal with a serious addiction for long wide leg pants, I typically go for culottes because of how nice the midi length compliments my height. In addition to regular length culottes, I love to scout for midi dresses as a substitute to fulfill my chic maxi dress obsession. Thankfully, I frequently come across stylish midi dress options from stores like Zara and Asos. Zara midi dresses look smashing and they style exceptionally well for work.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Jacket – Lavish Alice           Dress – Zara (similar)          Earrings – Massimo Dutti           Shoes – Zara
















Outfit: Jacket – Lavish Alice           Dress – Zara (similar)          Earrings – Massimo Dutti           Shoes – Zara


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