Chicly Black & White

In addition to bold colors and head-turning prints, spring is definitely a time for artsy, prim and refreshing things. Spring fashion is amazing especially with the vast range of beautiful trends and silhouettes to indulge in. I particularly get excited to dress up during spring because it’s so hard to run out of styling options. One of my preferred mode for spring is delightful color contrast. And what easier (and more classic) way to contrast than to combine black with white. The duality with styling black+white is interesting in that you can look very simple or super sophisticated. Wearing variations of black and white outfits generally look super foxy. Both colors together simply elude serious chicness that I find irresistible. So you can understand why I love looking forward to dressing in black and white 🙂 .

Black and white combined make a spectacular core for creating highly fashionable outfits. The subtlety of pairing black with white gives a lot of flexibility for going over the top while still keeping things fashion-forward. There are loads of phenomenal ways to dazzle when considering how to blend both colors. One way to look polished in black and white is to juxtapose conspicuously stylish elements. Striking silhouettes like dramatic shoulders, wide leg pants and asymmetrical blouse/dress are ideal components for composing stunning outfits. Interestingly, coupling striking silhouettes in solid (black or white) with prints looks extra luxe and exquisite. Feeling in the mood for something lush and modern this week, I chose to match vertically striped pants plus a white blouse with exaggerated sleeves.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blouse – Asos           Pants – River Island           Shoes – Zara (similar)
















Outfit: Blouse – Asos           Pants – River Island           Shoes – Zara (similar)

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