How to Look Dramatic in Prints

Depending on the situation, doing too much in the world of fashion can either be perceived as good or bad. In my opinion, being over the top can be understood as/synonymous with trying too much. Combining too many clothes/accessories for an outfit can come across as being indecisive or clueless. But finding the balance between too much and too little is not easy to decipher. The fact is achieving the ideal amount of pieces when styling is an art and requires a good deal of discretion. When in doubt, go SIMPLE. Leonardo da Vinci said it best…simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Interestingly, using too much works great when assembling simple aesthetics, over-the-top trends and haute couture wear.

The spring 2018 runway was projected as the season for pushing the style ‘envelope’. Some of the trends from the runway that appeal to me include mixed prints, tulle, fringes and layering with bold colors. Being that I love love love prints and colors (lol), I’m totally smitten by the mixed print and bold color trends. Successfully combining prints can be somewhat tricky but absolutely doable. There’s a thin line when trying to mix prints. It is very easy to come across as tacky or overly dramatic with the mixed-print trend. So if you’re not sure how to proceed, just start with two complimentary prints. For instance, you can do a cluster theme by pairing polka dots and florals or try a shape theme by combining stripes and polka dots.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Shirt – Zara           Skirt – Asos (similar)            Kitten Pumps – Massimo Dutti
















Outfit: Shirt – Zara           Skirt – Asos (similar)            Kitten Pumps – Massimo Dutti



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