Simply Daring Color Blocking

What would I do without colors? I’m a HUGE fan ūüôā . Colors are spectacular in that they make everything appear awesome. I can’t imagine a world without colors. The absence of colors would probably make the world a seriously boring place. From real life to brilliant photos, colors evoke such beauty and animation. They help tell a story about people and things. Colors are excellent tools for expressing moods. It’s simple…color¬†is LIFE! If you’re new to my blog, one thing you need to¬†know about me is that I’m a major color enthusiast. I enjoy wearing and experimenting with various types of colors especially bold hues. I love dressing in bold hues because they compliment my¬†skin nicely and help me emanate some major girl power behavior.

Daring colors are ideal for putting together strong and confident (looking) outfits. And the cool thing is dressing colorful need¬†not feel like an overwhelming endeavor. The two easiest ways to create fierce looks with colors are color blocking and monochromatic theme. The key to color blocking is understanding basic principles of color combination. The first step towards creating a color block¬†is to select a foundation hue. Next, select a contrasting color that seems mesmerizing with the base hue. And if you’re the fearless kind of diva (like me), you can throw in two contrasting hues. The simplest way to visualize and adopt color blocking is to use a color wheel. Earlier in April, I embraced my love for colors using red, orange and yellow to compose an intense yet charming outfit.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress РZara           Earrings РMassimo Dutti           Bag РCoach
















Outfit: Dress РZara           Earrings РMassimo Dutti           Bag РCoach

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