Looking Spring Luxe in Bargain Fall Dots

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do but bargain shopping is actually way better! I normally go for full price and sale items but I tend to prioritize buying sale items when presented with both options. No one can deny that there is something fulfilling about not buying stuff at full price. And honestly, who doesn’t like to save money especially when it happens unexpectedly. I usually do a happy dance when I score stylish clothes, accessories and shoes on SALE. The limitation with buying fashion pieces at a steal is that they typically tend not to be en vogue. Retailers hardly sell current fashion at a discounted rate. Hence, bargain-istas like myself are faced with the tradeoff between saving money and having the most recent fashion.

Despite the restrictions that come with buying offseason fashion, I’ve consistently managed to come by luxurious fashion-forward yet affordable pieces. When fashion companies release clothing lines for a new season, customers normally go for the latest items. Consequently, the availability of new lines gives room for major reductions on older items that I often find hard to resist. As soon as I have the option to buy clothes on sale, I dash to get the formerly overpriced/expensive irresistible clothes that I’ve had on my radar. For instance, I was lucky to get the polka dot two-piece (in this post) from Zara’s fall 2017 collection for 60% off the original price and it looks chic and appropriate for this spring season…major score 🙂

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blouse – Zara           Skirt – Zara
















Outfit: Blouse – Zara           Skirt – Zara


  1. At first, I thought the skirt was a Skouser!! Modest skirts are so hard to find. This ensemble is definitely a score.

    1. Thanks for the compliment dear! Yeah…it’s a struggle to find stylish modest skirts that look and fit great.

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