How to Stripe Vivid

Lines are prime! The clean, crisp and clear definition of line designs are brilliant and I’m extremely fascinated by them. Stripes are timeless trends and they are trending big this spring. What I like about stripes is the duality they project. On one hand, stripes can look playfully chic and conversely, they can come across as prim and poised. Striped items of clothing are great for infusing finesse and elegance into any outfit.  In addition, stripes come in so many varieties and they cater to different style preferences. In essence, if you’re into monochrome, color pop or minimalist styles, there are vast options of striped clothing available for you.

Striped clothing, regardless of vertical or horizontal orientation, can look equally grand when styled right. Although I love both vertical and horizontal stripes, I generally tend to wear more vertical striped clothing. Another reason why I gravitate towards wearing vertical stripes is that they help make me appear taller. Recently, I was lucky to find a striped dress with something else that I adore…COLORS. I came across a vertically striped dress with stand out colors (featured in this post) from Zara. Even without doing much, the dress looks INTENSE. So this week I went for something epic by paring the striped dress with leopard print pumps 🙂

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress – Zara           Pumps – Zara
















Outfit: Dress – Zara           Pumps – Zara

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