Tan Things this Spring

It’s official guys…Spring is here ūüôā

Spring is slowly rolling in this year but this is not hampering me from swiftly embracing the season’s style. Having sat in through weekly winter storms in the month of March, I’d understand anyone’s hesitation to shift to lighter dressing. To say the least, the delayed onset of spring makes it challenging to dress ideal for this time of the year.¬†Despite the temperature setbacks, I am not feeling deterred to kick off spring fashion at full throttle. Springtime is filled with anything and everything beautiful and I’ve already settled into the burst out fresh zone. What better way to take on spring than to style in anything short of dazzling.

A nice way to transition from winter to spring fashion is to phase out warmer clothing by swirling winter and spring pieces. Dressing up in the earlier part of any new season is not a drastic change due to uncertain weather conditions. For instance, the weather is usually cool enough to toss a sweater or thick cardigan over an outfit around the beginning of spring. In addition, winter colors can be spruce for warmer weather when combined with spring elements. Neutral colors like tan make wonderful seasonal transition colors. This week, I wore a tan duo of sweater and pants on a slightly cold day. For a slight analogous yet fun feel, I added an orange floral print dress to the tan pair.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Wide leg pants РH&M (in black)          Dress РMango (similar)          Sweater РH&M (in black)
















Outfit: Wide leg pants РH&M (in black)          Dress РMango (similar)          Sweater РH&M (in black)

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