How to ‘Glam’-ccessorize Without Breaking the Bank

No doubt, I’m a food and fashion devotee. My love for fine things doesn’t extend to much really. For instance, I won’t do a double take on fancy cars or take some extra time to admire a mansion. My reaction is usually the same if I come across a Toyota or a Porsche…to me, they’re both cars. Other than food and fashion, I don’t see the need to splurge on other stuff. Come to think of why I’m so into fashion, I can’t blame anyone else but my mum.

Growing up, my mother designed clothes for women. She is super creative with constructing clothes and on many occasions, she made glamorous outfits without spending excessive amounts of money. During my teenage years, I struggled with a case of excessive love of anything runway or luxury. My mum managed to help me detach from the must-have designer at all cost mentality. This boosted my confidence and I can’t thank her enough.

As I get older, I increasingly find it tough to syncretize my love for high-end fashion items with the justification to spend on them. Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury goods and I don’t have anything against acquiring them. I have indulged in buying a few designer bags or accessories but I tend to get over the hype shortly after taking them home. After noticing that I experience the same decline in excitement for affordable or luxury products, I’ve inclined towards buying more affordable stuff.

The rule of thumb for designer goods is you pay a premium for their uniqueness. High fashion clothes and accessories are outstanding and expensive but there are affordable options that look equally superb. When considering buying chic affordable accessories, go for main street brands with notable track records for quality. Then identify your designer item of interest, like classics, and search for comparable alternatives at your favorite main street store.

Last week, I wore two lavish look-alike accessories from Zara (in this post). I came across a certain elegant Gucci belt (link) and found something close for $30 from Zara. And I was also lucky to find leopard print pumps for $119, which looks similar to a dashing pair of $1,395 Dolce and Gabanna shoes (link).

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress – Zara (similar)          Jacket – TopShop (similar)           Belt – Zara          Pumps – Zara
















Outfit: Dress – Zara (similar)          Jacket – TopShop (similar)           Belt – Zara          Pumps – Zara


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