Wrap Dress & Bell Sleeved Blouse

Versatility is key to me when shopping for outfits. Growing up, I envisioned having a massive closet with all sorts of sophisticated clothes, accessories and shoes, pumps, shoes (yeah…I’m a shoe addict, lol). I pictured having a closet that looked like a high-end boutique. And I often thought to myself that the best way to realize my dream closet was to buy as many chic clothes/shoes as possible. I loved to shop on impulse during my college years, which led me to own clothes (and accessories) that I barely even wore. My excessive shopping led to situations whereby I ended up having more than one count of some items of clothing. With increasing responsibilities and limited closet space (lol), I’ve had to curb my shopping by buying less yet more stylish options.

One of the cool benefits of buying versatile clothes is that it forces you to be more imaginative (especially if you don’t have a lot in your closet). I know the thought of compiling arrays of trendy modes seem daunting especially with less. And I’m not trying to downplay the stress resulting from embracing one’s creative side as I sometimes experience it. But I’ve learned to keep my cool and acknowledge that it is surely possible to create more without more. Finding different ways to wear clothes like the wrap dress in this post can be seemingly tough. In the past, I wore this dress with blazers or jackets. Recently, I chose to wear the wrap dress with a flared sleeve blouse, which I absolutely love. And I’m looking forward to pairing it with pants and anything match-able 😉

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Dress – Asos (similar)          Blouse – Zara (similar)
















Outfit: Dress – Asos (similar)          Blouse – Zara (similar)

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