Makeshift Maxi Dress

In life, you can’t always have it all but you can sure make whatever you have fit to meet your needs. It has taken me some time to evolve in the way I think about scarcity. About a decade ago, I used to complain a great deal about what was not enough or available. With some growing up and positive influences from spirituality, family¬†and friends. I’m starting to understand that being contended and creative makes me a happier person. Interestingly, being a project manager has exposed me to having a solution driven mindset. My profession has helped me strive to find ways to make things work in dire situations…well in most aspects of my life ūüôā

I bet you’re wondering ‘why is she ranting about scarcity and solutions when the title of this post mentions maxi dress?’…lol. Well, the way I styled this dress is very relevant to making do with what I have. I came across the turtleneck dress in this post from Mango for a steal. Although it was labelled midi length on the website, the dress managed to look somewhat long on the 5’9¬†feet tall model. Consequently,¬†I felt confident that the dress would be close to ankle length for me and I decided to get it. After receiving the dress, i was disappointed to see that it wasn’t long enough. At first, my initial reaction was to return the dress but I later chose to keep it and find a way to make it work.

My mission for this turtleneck dress was simple, I needed it transform it from a somewhat midi to a true maxi dress. The first option that came to mind was to pair the dress with a long skirt. The skirt length hit my ankle area and would serve as an extension of the dress. The problem with this option is the visible unevenness due to layering the skirt and dress. And the not so appealing bulkiness observed from the waist down. The other probable solution was to wear a lightweight dress under the turtleneck dress. But the thought of finding an ideal ‘under’ dress felt daunting. Fortunately, I was able to find an opaque slip dress that blended nicely with my turtleneck dress.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.


Dress РMango (in dark grey)          Slip РMarks & Spencer          Coat РMango
















Outfit: Dress РMango (in dark grey)          Slip РMarks & Spencer          Coat РMango

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