Flare & Floral

Skirts rule!!! As a renowned tomboy, most people assume I have little to no interest in wearing skirts but this is actually far from the truth. To be honest, my love for skirts can’t be quantified…lol. I admire the ease of putting on skirts…it literally takes about or less than a minute to wear them. In addition, they flow nicely and look spectacular when paired right with blouses/tops. I consider skirts to be one of my favourite pieces when trying to attain chicness and comfort simultaneously. Skirts are frequently worn as part of my casual outfits and I also wear them to work every so often.

Some types of skirts are great for building chic work ensembles. When it comes to skirts, the options are vast. Straight silhouette skirts look especially sharp for corporate outfits. However, straight maxi cut skirts are not easy to move around in. In essence, finding the right maxi skirts for work can feel like mission impossible for modest fashionistas like me. Most maxi skirts I’ve managed to come by are too casual, overly dressy, super dramatic or very clingy. An ideal maxi skirt silhouette for work is the flare cut (like the one in this post). They are simply stylish and look lovely with statement blouses.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blouse – Asos          Skirt – Uniqlo
















Outfit: Blouse – Asos          Skirt – Uniqlo

I’m a project manager by day and a fashionista/style enthusiast always. I have a diverse range of contradictory interests…fashion vs activism, ice cream cake vs spinach salad…but I love & proudly embrace them all.

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