Layering Jackets

Layered looks are a divine class of fashion trend. Stylish layering is somewhat of a universal concept and its nuance can be observed across many cultures. For instance, some Kenyan (specifically Masai), Japanese, Mexican, Arab and Chinese cultural attires are founded on the basis of layering clothes or jewellery. The concept of layering has a timeless edge that never seems to get old or boring to fashion lovers. It works great for individuals regardless of gender. Layered outfit exudes swag! On the other hand, there are instances whereby laying clothes together can just seem straight out shabby.

When trying to put a layered look together, it’s important to recognise that placement is key. Understanding how a certain type of clothing looks as the outer, middle or inner stratum can help define your ideal layered look. Depending on the flow and structure of certain clothes, you can be limited to wearing them as a specific layer. It’s a no-brainer that fitted tops are best worn as the innermost portion of a layered outfit. While some jackets/coats can be interchanged as an outer, mid or inner stratum of the same look. This week, I wore a double jacket outfit with wide-leg pants to work.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.


Coat – Mango (similar – option 1, option 2)          Beige Jacket – Uniqlo (similar)           Wide-leg Pants – Zara








Outfit: Coat – Mango (similar – option 1, option 2)          Beige Jacket – Uniqlo (similar)           Wide-leg Pants – Zara

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