When Shades Align

There are days when I feel conflicted about how to color coordinate. I aspire to combine colors with impeccable brilliance. Granted, color coordination doesn’t count as a first world problem but it can sure save you a significant amount of hassle if you’re big on time management…lol. My typical go-to color themes for work are within the realm of safe and bold. Some of my favorite themes are monochromes, bold contrasts and neutrals. Over the years, I have accumulated clothes of different shades and colors. And fusing shades of one color sometimes doesn’t cut it when creating a monochromatic look.

I recently thought of stepping out of my ‘color comfort zone’ by taking a fresh spin using different shades of one color. This week, I decided to play around with one of my favorite colors, GREEN 😀 !!! I embraced a mix of subtleness and spunk by picking out different shades of green clothing (i.e. army green and lime green) from my closet and complimenting them with a somewhat analogous color, tan. It made sense for me to pair greens with tan because tan is a modified form of light yellow. And you can’t deny the fact that green and yellow look great together 😉 .

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Jacket – Lavish Alice           Sweater – HM           Skirt – Zara          Boots – Kurt Geiger

















Outfit: Jacket – Lavish Alice           Sweater – HM           Skirt – Zara          Boots – Kurt Geiger

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