How to Color Contrast Bold

When I think of the phrase ‘I wear my emotions on my sleeves’, the first thing that comes to my mind is colors. I know that the ‘sleeves’ and ’emotions’ in the phrase refers to how a person expresses his/her feelings and nothing to do with colors. However, colors are spectacular for expressing moods and creating characters. Every now and then I enjoy using colors to reflect my mood and style. Fortunately for me, I take pleasure in the process of combining and contrasting colors when dressing up.

When attempting to contrast colors,  my tip is not to hold back and ‘err on the side’ of feistiness, power and intensity. I am unapologetic about not being timid in how I show my mood with colors. Thinking of mood, I consider and like to express myself as strong and daring. Consequently, I love mixing solid vibrant hues like reds, greens and yellows. And it’s nice to sometimes tilt the boldness bar by pairing patterns with vivid colors. This week, I waltzed to work in a color splash fur jacket and intensely colored separates.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Jacket – Zara (similar option 1, option 2)          Blouse – Zara (similar)          Pants – Zara (similar)
















Outfit: Jacket – Zara (similar option 1, option 2)          Blouse – Zara (similar)          Pants – Zara (similar)

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