Mirror Mirror – Vivid Faux Fur Jacket

Thanks to winter, I’ve been forced to parade in outerwear for over a month now. I’m big on wearing wool structured coats/jackets during the cold weather. Personally, I think well-tailored wool jackets are divinely versatile and they especially look great when styled for formal occasions. Until recently, I never thought to indulge in wearing other than wool or leather jackets in the winter. I used to my limit jacket options to simply tailored silhouettes that I considered to be work appropriate. Basically, I didn’t think to invest in anything as interesting as a fur jacket. I usually felt fur jackets seemed overly ostentatious but my mindset changed when I found the affordable colour popping jacket in this post.

Given the ease to sometimes dress with minimal effort, like wearing all black or grey, around this time of year, it’s good to occasionally add some feistiness to your work look with a little help from vibrant fur jackets 🙂 .

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Fur Jacket – Zara          Turtle Neck Top – Primark          Pants – Zara          Ankle Boots – Zara
















Outfit: Fur Jacket – Zara          Turtle Neck Top – Primark          Pants – Zara          Ankle Boots – Zara

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