Mirror Mirror – Looking Sharp in Blue


I finally found a nicely fitted colored suit for work. And I strutted to work confidently in my pale blue suit (from Zara) this morning feeling like a million bucks. What I love about this suit is that it is superbly made. The fitting of the blazer is impeccable while the trouser has an unusually chic silhouette. The trouser is flowy yet structured with well-defined darts. This suit is ideal for modest fashionista bosses that prefer wide leg trouser options to go with their blazers.

I was in the mood to embrace a vintage boss look today, so I paired my suit with a bow turban. And if you’d like to learn how to rock a bow turban, check out my YouTube video (link) for instructions. Lastly, enjoy the lovely suit pics below 🙂 !

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blazer – Zara          Trousers with darts – Zara          Shirt – Zara















Outfit: Blazer – Zara          Trousers with darts – Zara          Shirt – Zara

I’m a project manager by day and a fashionista/style enthusiast always. I have a diverse range of contradictory interests…fashion vs activism, ice cream cake vs spinach salad…but I love & proudly embrace them all.

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