Mirror Mirror – Suit Up Pastel

You can’t deny that a well-tailored suit is a fierce fashion statement piece at the workplace. However, they generally tend to come in colors like white, red, navy blue, gray, tan and brown. This year, fashion companies like Zara and TopShop embraced their adventurous side and released more unusual colored suits in hot pink, yellow, green and burgundy. With the surge in colored suits, I was really hoping to find light pink or mint green suit. But sadly, I’m yet to come across pretty pastel colored suits.

Despite not being able to find a pastel-colored suit, I remained optimistic and decided to make one by improvising. So this week, I successfully created a pastel suit from my closet by pairing a light pink dress blazer and pants (from Zara) with a sweet floral blouse.

I’ve included links (highlighted) to available outfit items below the first picture.



Blazer Dress – Zara (similar)         Pants – Zara          Blouse – Mango Outlet         Pumps – Zara















Outfit: Blazer Dress – Zara (similar)         Pants – Zara          Blouse – Mango Outlet         Pumps – Zara

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