Mirror Mirror – Primary Colors

My obsession for playing with colors is not a recently adopted behavior…

If you grew up in (Lagos) Nigeria like I did,  you know that the order of the day is looking good and constantly socializing at parties. One interesting practice in Lagos is the concept of wearing aso-ebi. Aso-ebi is a uniform fabric traditionally worn by guests that attend festive events in the southwestern region of Nigeria as a way to show support for the celebrant. Selecting aso-ebi can be a painstaking process as it involves a lot of contemplation about color coordination. From a young age, I observed family members deliberate on what fabric colors and type to pick for a celebration. And as much as I didn’t enjoy the lengthy discussions and negotiations required to select an aso-ebi, being exposed to these conversations helped to develop my fascination for styling with bold colors.

One of my favorite style tip is coming up with statement outfits by combining primary colors. I also like to match-up primary and secondary colors (I’ll share examples of this combination in a future post). But this week, I wanted to try paring primary colors that I rarely consider to come up with a nice work outfit.  If you browse through my old posts, you’ll see that I tend to frequently combine blues and reds. So I chose to go for something different by combining colors yellow and blue.

I’ve included links (highlighted in red) to available outfit items in the pictures below.



Blouse – Zara          Skirt – Miss Selfridge          Waist Belt – Mango Outlet




Bright yellow and charming blue 😉




Printed long-line jackets are great for styling with primary colors. I scrunched up the jacket sleeves to showcase the elegant bell-sleeves 🙂




This velvet maxi skirt from Miss Selfridge is sleek and comfort chic. I got it over 5 years ago and I haven’t been able to find a similar skirt 🙁 .




I decided to style with cobalt blue because I wanted to get a daring contrast with the yellow and blue. If you’re not in the mood to dare but would like a milder edgy look, you can try pairing bright yellow and navy blue.

I’d like to hear about your favorite color combinations and your recommendations for styling primary colors. Please share your suggestions in the comment section.

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