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City Vibes: A Glimpse of Sunny San Diego


I got to visit California for the first time EVER last weekend, San Diego to be specific. Don’t mind me being overly excited. I’ve been dreaming of visiting California for ages now. And my experience in San Diego didn’t fail to meet my expectation 😉 of how I envisioned California to be.

This was not a holiday trip so I didn’t get a chance to explore the greater city. Regardless, I had an amazing time in San Diego and I plan to return there for a proper vacation 🙂 . During my time in San Diego, I stayed close to the convention center (right by the marina) and I have to say that the ambiance of this area is stunning. The weather is serene and the people in the city are so friendly.

I know this is not a style post but I couldn’t help but indulge in my love for style photography…lol. I’ve included links (highlighted in red) to available outfit items in the pictures below.




Face lit (thanks to the friendly passersby that showered me with compliments).




Turquoise waters, lush greens and palm trees everywhere 🙂



Rings – Mango Outlet


I just had to capture this park located slightly across the San Diego convention center. It brought out the resort diva in me 😉



Asymmetric dress – Topshop          Frilled-Sleeve Dress – Zara          Culotte – Zara          Sandal – Zara


This asymmetric dress from Topshop is hot! hot!! hot!!!




I wasn’t going to leave San Diego without sharing the view from my hotel room 🙂




A walk through the Marina. So many boats and speaking of boats/yachts, I got a glimpse of the ship museum but wasn’t able to get a picture 🙁




The marina area is surrounded by beautiful flowers and filled with restaurants.




All the flowers and water got me inspired to wear this custom-made outfit in San Diego. I got it from a Lagos-based designer in Nigeria.




When the sun comes down, the lights come out. Just had to capture this light aesthetics close to the hotel I lodged in.



This long-line jacket and matching pant is so cozy yet edgy and I can’t wait to wear it during my next vacation.




The San Diego marina scenery is just so astounding and I can’t stop thinking about returning to explore more parts of the city.

My stay in San Diego was short but sweet. While I didn’t get to see much, I still managed to have a swell time.

Although it’s goodbye, for now, I intend to see you soon, San Diego! Before my next trip back to San Diego, I’d like to know the fun places to visit. Kindly share your suggestions in the comment section.

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