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Mirror Mirror – Floral Bottoms

Warmer weather brings about 3 things: Sunshine…Colors…and Flowers 🙂

Flowers inspire so much glamour in the world of fashion. They are the classic muse used by many designers from runway to the ready to wear sphere. You can say that florals own spring/summer style. I can’t think of a spring season when it was not the in thing to wear floral prints. Florals are probably the most popular type of print in existence. I can bet that every lady owns a floral piece of clothing in her wardrobe. The sweet thing about florals is that they usually require little to minimal effort to style. For instance, you would ALWAYS look stunning in a full floral skirt paired with a plain white shirt.

Who are my usual suspects when it comes to finding chic floral pieces? Zara, Asos, Mango and Marks and Spencer.



Top – Uniqlo          Skirt – Zara          Pumps



Tan, nude and cream are other great neutral hues that look great with florals skirts/pants.




Although this super chic skirt appears long in these pictures, it is a midi length skirt. It can pass for a long skirt if you’re 5’4′ or shorter.




Who knew tan could pop with florals 😉 ?



Shirt – Zara          Pants – Zara



I decided to go with classic white shirt look…paired with this floral pants, and I sure look like a breath of fresh air.




Alternatively, black and navy blue tops would also look great with this pant.




When it comes to wearing florals, I like to keep it simple. Do you have a favorite way of styling florals? (feel free to share your feedback in the comment section).

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