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5 Faves: Spring/Summer Style Must Haves

So I’m going to start sharing my favorite items for each season just because I want to 🙂 and a few of my friends suggested I do so. So expect a similar post later in the summer, fall and winter…you get the gist 😀

I’ve included links (highlighted in red) to available outfit items in the pictures below.

  1. Chic Sandals – the sun is out so it’s time to let your feet out to some fresh air with this seasons cute and peculiar looking sandals and mules.
    Raffia PomPom Sandals from Zara

    Sandal – Zara


    Floral sandal (left) – Zara          Mules (bottom right) – Zara

  2. Statement Earrings – whether your style preference is simply chic or over-the-top edgy, you can count on statement jewelry to make you look dashing this spring. For professional ladies like myself that like to go for simple or minimalist looks, you can add some spunk with earrings/ jewelry that ’cause a scene’ 😉
    Coral earrings from Mango

    Earrings – Mango


    Pearl & gold – Mango           Purple petals – Mango          Grey & gold flower – Mango

  3. Frills – the new exciting trend this spring/summer is everything frilled…from tops sleeves to bottoms, it’s like we are experiencing a frills plague this season. And I’m absolutely digging the  frilled looks.
    Frilled shirt from Zara

    Top – Zara


    Dress – Zara

  4. Pearl Embellished Shirts – from pearls to embroidery, this spring has introduced a lot of shimmering and shining shirts/tops. The pearl embellished shirts puts a modern spin on shirts and is definitely an easier wear to accessorize your outfit.
    Pearl shirt from Zara

    Shirt – Zara


    White Shirt – Zara

  5. Floral Bottoms – and the last of my favorite spring trend, back as expected, is the floral separates. Bold patterned floral bottoms are easy to style. They look great with white shirts.
    Version 2
    Bold print midi skirt from Zara

    Skirt – Zara


    Pants – Zara



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